SMT board

Here you can see some examples of  high quality requirements boards. All of them are inspected with  an Automatic Optical Inspection unit. Some of them are tested functionally or X-ray inspected.

Through hole components

Through hole components on PCBs are inserted manually and then soldered in wave soldering machine or manually depending on requirements and possibilities. Processes can be both RoHS or Lead on demand. Also conformal coating or washing of PCBs can be done after all processes.

Mechanical assembly

Highly qualified staff mount mechanical parts carefully to avoid scratches or other defects of fragile parts. After all goods are packed into ESD protected materials and sent on a pallet or additionally protected boxes. 

Medical device

DGTronik is dedicated manufacturer of a medical device for one of our customers. A succesful audit of procedures, processes and ways of proceeding to check compatibility with the relevant parts of the medical norm ISO 13485 has been accomplished by TUV Reinland. The standards of ISO9001:2008 have been improved with deeper treacibility of used components on every stage of the manufacturing process as well as securing of components certificates and detailed records of all manufacturing  processes.

Energy outlet for electric cars

For one of our scandinavian customer we have manufactured an electric cars charge point outlets. The technology included both manufacturing of SMT , functional tests and integration.