DGTronik - electronics assembly company

Over 20 years of passion

DGTronik is a company that provides comprehensive electronics assembly solutions. We implement projects involving electronics with densely arranged SMD components in sizes from 01005 and micro BGA. Most of our products have a relatively high share of through-hole components and mechanics.

We are distinguished by the experience of cooperation with companies from the public trust sector that require exceptional precision and 100% timeliness. We provide all our business partners with the highest quality of services. We build long-term relationships with customers with a focus on direct contacts. It is important for us to develop solutions together, as it allows to optimise costs.

20 years of experience in the production of electronics
Highest quality of PCB assembly service

Customer satisfaction

Our activities have been recognised by customers, which translates into continuous cooperation for many years. It is possible thanks to investments, both in machines of assembly lines and in constant improvement of our employees' qualifications. We appreciate their knowledge and experience that ensure repeatability of assembly.

Over the past five years, we have significantly developed our network of customers. Our business strategy includes cooperation with both companies with an established market position and start-ups.

DGT - provider of teleinformation systems

DGT company

DGT Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1991. It specialises in the construction and production of integrated communication systems. They were applied, inter alia, to create systems for handling national emergency numbers ‘112’ and ‘999’.

DGT’s communication systems are also used by, among others, the Police, the State Fire Service and other crisis management services and institutions responsible for national security, as well as in key sectors of the national economy.

DGT also manufactures special communication systems dedicated to the Polish Armed Forces. They meet the relevant standards and the requirements of interoperability with NATO communication systems.

DGT offer is supplemented by IoT (Internet of Things) specialised devices used in the construction of wireless data transmission systems, e.g. in the energy supply sector.


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