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DGTronik specialises in the assembly and testing of electronics with densely arranged SMD components and a relatively large share of through-hole components and mechanics. We have many years of experience in the assembly of 0201-size SMD components and micro BGA.

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Offer - PCB assembly, purchase of electronic components, test and programming

Our offer

DGTronik's offer includes assembly, programming, testing and small mechanics. We also provide additional services in the form of outsourcing, e.g. conformal coating, potting or X-ray tests. The assembly service is completed with the purchase of components and printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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Machine park

DGTronik invests in advanced technical solutions to meet the ever growing quality requirements. The machine park includes two modern SMT lines, a through-hole component assembly line and additional supplementary equipment.

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50 milion

2 modern SMT assembly lines

01005 the smallest housing for SMT assembly

7000 hours monthly of THT assembly capacity

50 million SMD components inserted monthly

18 years on the market as DGTronik and 29 years as the DGT group

120 qualified employees to service the DGT group and customers

09 / 12 / 2020


DGTronik will support clients in the face of Brexit
28 / 10 / 2020

In-line SPI test

Inspection of solder paste application in the SMD assembly process
THT rednex
28 / 10 / 2020

We invest in our Team

Renex ESD training to improve the quality of through-hole assembly
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We are from Poland
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Integrity and trust

DGTronik is a company with Polish capital, proud of its position on the local market. Our competences and the quality of services have been recognised by partners from Poland, Europe and America.

Our production process is optimised from the first conversations with a customer to the delivery of turnkey solutions.

We are consistently building our brand based on business ethics.

Employees are our company's showcase. We care about a well-integrated team, which is why we strive to create a good working atmosphere. This is our greatest capital.

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