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Our offer

DGTronik's offer includes PCB electronics contract assembly (soldering of SMD and THT components) programming, testing, small-size mechanics and printed circuit board design.


  • We offer also supplementary assembly of mechanical elements and assembly of complete devices.
  • DGTronik implements commissioning, testing of packages or finished products using client software or testers and offers the option of laser marking on the boards or enclosures.
  • The assembly service is complemented by the possibility of purchasing elements and printed circuit boards (PCBs) from our proven, long-term suppliers. In this way, we minimize the risk of supplying non-original components of poor quality.
  • PCB design: The number of designed layers of a printed circuit depends on the manufacturer's performance capabilities: max 40 layers, controlled impedance +/- 5%, buried vias, gold-plated edge connectors, gold plating or HASL, electrical test. We work with Altium software.
  • All SMT Technology processes carried out by DGTronik take place using modern production infrastructure.


Optical Inspection

Offer of assembly services

  • Automatic assembly of electronics on 2 modern SMT lines (smallest components: 01005)
  • Automated Optical Inspection 3D of solder paste: SPI
  • Automated Optical Inspection 3D of soldered components: AOI ICT or functional testing
  • SMT with glue or solder paste applied with an automatic printing machine
  • SMD components gluing and wave soldering
  • SMD components soldering in a 12- or 13-zone reflow oven
  • Double side SMD assembly
  • BGA circuits assembly
  • BGA soldering
  • BGA circuits rework on a special repair station
  • THT components assembly and lead-free wave soldering
  • THT and SMD assembly combination
  • Complementary manual assembly
  • Press-Fit assembly technology
  • Selective wave soldering (using solder masks)
  • Selective wave soldering
  • Laser Marking

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