We invest in our Team

Renex ESD training to improve the quality of through-hole assembly

ESD standards are our daily work conditions. We train our employees on the risks of electrical surges and remind them of the risks associated with electrostatic discharges. The first training course is carried out when our cooperation begins.

We know that team qualifications require regular training. That is why we invest in our employees. It is a well-trained, well-coordinated staff that guarantees the assembly of electronics at the highest level. DGTronik is an expert brand at every stage of our work.

The program proposed by the RENEX company assumed not only theoretical training of the staff, but above all practical classes in the assembly of through-hole elements. The training lasted three days, which was important to us.

We avoid "empty" certificates obtained in a few hours. We know that practice makes masters when assembling printed circuit boards.

Each of our teams that assemble THT elements works under the supervision of a coordinator. This ensures work safety control, repeatability of the process and the possibility of quick reaction if necessary.

As a company specializing in contractual assembly of electronics, we realize how important it is for our clients to correctly shape the terminals when assembling TH components. The Renex company proposed to discuss the criteria of electronic components assembly and presented assembly techniques for through-hole elements.

Further trainings will be held in the future.

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We invest in our Team

Renex ESD training to improve the quality of through-hole assembly